How to Learn More About Student Loan Refinancing


For all of the news that the student loan situation has generated in the last few years, relatively little attention has been paid to showing debtors how to learn more about student loan refinancing. This is largely due to the problems associated with the myths, confusion, and misinformation that has been circulating about student loan refinancing and how borrowers can take advantage of it.

Student Loan Refinancing

gasdhgda6The truth is that student loan refinancing can help a lot of borrowers with their debt loads. The problem with this is most often a lack of understanding how they can take advantage of this opportunity. If you or someone you know thinks that refinancing their student debt isn’t possible or isn’t possible for them, they should attempt to gain more knowledge about this possibility. This is possible by clearing up some misinformation.

It is possible

First, being able to refinance a student loan is possible and is not a scam. It needs to be understood that there are businesses in the marketplace that do perpetuate scams and take advantage of these debtors, but the truth is that most reputable lenders do offer some loan refinancing program. To determine whether one of these programs are for a particular debtor, each one should be examined in detail to make sure of the specifics and whether a refinance can benefit them.

It is a new loan

gdshgsd5The next piece of misinformation about refinancing a student loan is that these programs are the same as consolidation loans. This is not the case. In fact, this myth does a serious disservice to many students who could refinance their loan debt and benefit significantly. A consolidation is simply taking the loans that are owed and making them into one loan and payment. Nothing else about the loan chances. In the case of a refinance, a totally different loan is created that pays off the existing loans and creates an entirely new loan, often with a lower interest rate.

Pay off Federal loans

The final myth that exists that student loan refinancing is that government refinancing is not possible on a federal loan. This is untrue. Many lenders offer private loans that will pay off federal loans. There are benefits to having a federal loan, but if you are making a steady income, chances are good that a private refinance will save you money.

There are advantages to refinancing programs, but to take advantage of them, it is critical to learn more about student loan refinancing.