Gmail Fax Pro


The rapid proliferation of technology has seen a great change in many areas of computing and electronic messaging with one of the major changes being experienced in the world of faxing. Conventional fax technology has evolved to incorporate modern faxing techniques with one of the most notable innovations being the use of Gmail fax pro.

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Conventional faxing techniques entailed scanning of a page by a transceiver after which the image of the scanned page is sent to a receiver. Modern faxing technologies use the same concept but has significantly simplified the process. By making use of digital technology, sending a fax using advanced fax technology such as Gmail Fax Pro is now as easy as sending an email. What are the benefits of using Gmail fax pro? There are quite many advantages associated with using this Gmail fax service. As such, here is an overview of some of the top benefits

Automatic conversion of files

One of the most notable advantages associated with using this program is its ability to convert different types of documents automatically to a tax image format that is compatible with all kinds of fax machines. The fax image can also be saved using the same program to different file types: such as PDF, after which it can be printed

Better clarity and quality

This is another advantage associated with using the above application. The application gives users the ability to send and receive images that are not only of high quality but also perfect clarity. As a norm, the documents do not require any scanning as they are sent straight from a computer and as such, they maintain the excellent clarity and quality associated with digital images


The advent of Gmail fax pro has also brought about an aspect of portability in the world of faxing. Conventional faxing services were fixed at one location but since the inception of this technology, individuals can send faxes via portable computers and even smartphones and at the same time, receive notifications on sent and received fax

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When you sign up for this service, you will be automatically given a unique virtual fax number that works the same way as a conventional fax number. This is considered as an advantage as the fax number has no fixed location since it is virtual in nature

By considering the above-mentioned benefits of using Gmail fax pro, making use of this service is highly recommended