Filament Dimmable LED


With all glass design, these bulbs emit similar warm, bright light as the incandescent bulbs. But the energy consumption efficiency of the former is much higher compared to the latter. On an average, these energy efficient bulbs offer 90% energy savings. Consequently, more and more people are adopting these bulbs for lighting purposes.

A few ways to make the best of LED bulbs

1. Select a bulb that is labelled “dimmable.”65y4t3r

Sometimes, people have a misconception that any light that is termed as LED can be dimmed. However, the reality is somewhat different. In actuality, a driver circuitry must be designed with dimming as its primary goal. So, it is recommended by the experts that it is beneficial for people to use those lights that are termed as dimmable by the manufacturer. Filament A19 Dimmable bulbs are example of such bulbs that one may use for better results. The lack of industry standards for making driver circuitry has led to different manufacturer using varied techniques for LED driver making.

2. Stick to recognized brands

Surveys reveal that there exists disparity in the dimming performance for the bulbs of the same wattage made by different manufacturers. One may also be left unsatisfied with the usage of unbranded lamps that achieve lower brightness and stability. Thus, it is recommended to use bulbs and dimmers that are made by the well-established manufacturers.

3. Check the compatibility with the switches

A large number of lighting brands present compatibility data on their web portals. The switches used for dimmer are tested by the manufacturing companies using various ranges of load on the circuitry and then their performance are graded. These presented grades on the company websites may prove crucial while choosing a dimmer. The manufacturing companies also want their customers to experience the best performances of their lamps.

6h5g4f4. Select a dimmer and then buy luminaries

It is essential to select a dimmer before choosing the luminaries so that the total load on the circuit do not exceed the maximum load supported by the dimmer. After that, one may choose the lighting designs to be used. Using multiple dimmers help to gain more control by dividing the load between multiple dimmers. It is essential for to use a dimmer that will stand the total wattage and number of lamps used to dim.

5. Select dimmers manufactured for LED lights

High-efficiency dimmers are now available in the market for best performance of these lights. The illumination output varies across different manufacturing companies with a bulb of the same power. Thus, some companies use minimum adjustable brightness in the dimmers so that a user may access the full brightness range of a bulb. Adjustable minimum brightness makes sure that no fluctuation is exhibited by bulbs at a lower level of illumination.