Different Types Of Drug Tests


Drug testing involves looking for traces of any drug in your body with the use of breath, urine, saliva, hair or sweat. Drug tests are always meant to ascertain whether you have taken any drugs recently or you are under the influence of a certain drug such as alcohol. The process is a common laboratory procedure that detects any presence of a drug and measures its levels within your body. The information from the test will then be used to determine whether you have a possible drug dependency.

Here are the different types of drug tests.

Blood Testing

jhdjdssdjh44A blood test is a common type of drug test that helps in checking the presence of an illegal drug in your body and gives detailed information about your drug use. Moreover, it is used to conduct an examination that aids in checking on your medication levels and in conducting legal investigation such as testing the level of alcohol in drivers. The test has been considered to be intrusive and expensive, but it is the most accurate because it accurately detects any presence of a drug in your body or the metabolites of the drug at the current test time.

Urine Testing

It is common drug test that checks any presence of a drug or its metabolites in your urine. It is mainly used for screening of the people that use illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methadone, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, and opiates. The test is noninvasive and simple however it does not detect the levels of the drug in your body and cannot detect the presence of a drug that was used a week ago.

Saliva Testing

It is a test that detects any drugs or its metabolites in your saliva although it is limited to detect a drug that was recently used only. Saliva testing has been proven to detect the presence of cannabinoids when you have taken approximately 4-10 hour after smoking. The test has been confined to detecting the current intoxication only.

Hair Testing

hjhds7sdhj44Hair drug testing is a test that is minimally invasive and is routinely used when checking for the use of any illegal drug such as marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, PCP, and cocaine. The hair follicles have a rich source of the blood vessels that nourishes the cells that are responsible for the growth of hairs. When you are exposed to the use of illegal drugs then the drugs or the metabolites of the drugs will diffuse from your blood into your hair follicles hence their traces will be detected on your hair.

Moreover, when the metabolites have circulated in your blood they will then enter your blood vessels scalp and are filtered through your hairs. Hence, they will remain in your head, and they will be a permanent drug use record.

If you are worried about going through hair follicle drug testing, check the Macujo method as it can help against the hair test.