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Professional Corporate Catering Service


The biggest challenge when there is an official or family gathering is the food that is served. The challenge is directly proportional to the number of people who you are planning to invite. Why take chances? Outsource food arrangements from experienced corporate catering ready for your business events. In this way, you will make your event a memorable one.

Benefits of professional catering

Event goes on as organized

Besides the fact that catering companies take the pressfr34t35t36ure of your hands, you also are assured of a professional nothing-can-go-wrong outcome. Why indeed should you worry about food, presentation of food, quality of cooking, menu, style of serving and a million such things when you could just pass on the baton to these professional catering companies that would take care that everything is perfect?

Attention to detail

If you had organized food for a family gathering in the past, you would recall how easily a great time could turn into a massive disaster owing to overlooking or forgetting a small detail. How many times you forfeited your mental peace just because you had to run from pillar to post to ensure that everything was just fine when the food was served? Using a good and professional company would allow you to enjoy the company of your family and friends sans the worry of last-minute problems.

It is the same with corporate or formal events. If you’re in charge of organizing such gatherings, you would know how stressful it is to oversee such operations. While with family you would have some slack, with formal gatherings any small problem can snowball into a massive PR disaster. Why take any chances?

Outsourcing the food arrangements to professional companies would help you concentrate on planning and leave the execution of the plan in the able hands of experienced managers. Things such as flower arrangements, centerpieces, table decorations, seating style, and so many other things would fall under the purview of the catering agency. You hand over the instructions of what you would like it to look like, what type of food you want to be served and step back. On the D-day, bow and savor the compliments.

The advantage of using professional catering agencies is that they know very well even without your guidance, what should be served gt35536y36y3when. For example, what aperitifs should be served at what type of gatherings; what type of drinks go with what type of food and mood, and many such other details that often require in-depth research to ensure perfection.

Lastly, we talk about the budget. Many people say that hiring a professional agency whether for family or formal gatherings is expensive. That is not entirely true. Count the tension that you would have to go through to organize, plan and execute the arrangements. Also, count the time you would need to spend following up, firefighting problems, incorporating last- minute changes and the like. You will find that the little extra that you pay for the corporate catering ready for your business events to take this trouble off your hands is well worth it.

How to Make Healthy Pancakes

Pancakes 02

Nothing says good morning better than a stack of well-made pancakes washed down with a cup of your favorite morning drink. That said traditional pancakes made using white flour, full-fat milk, not forgetting some butter and syrup topping come loaded with calories which means you can only enjoy this delicious treat occasionally if you want to stay healthy. This, however, does not have to be the case. With a bit of creativity, you can actually make healthy pancakes and get to have them on your breakfast table more often. Below are some tips on how to make healthy pancakes.

1. Get healthy alternatives to white flourPancakes 01

Using whole wheat flour in place of white flour would be a good place to start and introduce some fiber. You can also add nuts and grains such as millet and quinoa. Fruits like bananas also work great when it comes to making pancakes, and the good thing is that they already have some natural sugar in them so you can omit sugar all together in the batter and still enjoy some sweet and tasty pancakes.

2. Use skim milk in place of whole milk

Whole milk in pancakes just adds extra fats that have little if any effect on the taste. Eliminating whole milk and in its place using skimmed milk that is low in fat is a great way to cut back on fats. You can also use healthy milk Pancakes 03alternatives such almond and soya milk.

3. Go easy on the maple syrup and butter topping

Many how to make healthy pancakes recipes do not include any topping but there is no denying that most of us enjoy the taste of butter and some maple syrup on our pancakes. You can choose to have just a dab of butter for the taste and avoid drowning your pancakes in syrup to reduce significantly the calories. You can also use your favorite fruit as a topping if you would like to ditch the syrup altogether.